About Us

Being an active gym-goer, using many different pre-workouts over the years I struggled to find one that I could use regularly to help me perform at my best. I’d always read the supplement facts, telling myself “I could do this way better”.

Starting with just an idea, it slowly developed into a “maybe” and eventually became a dream-like obsession. I’d sit there and ask myself “why am I not trying to turn this dream into a reality? What’s stopping me?”

Instead of making excuses, I decided to chase my dream and after many months of research, MANTICORE™ was born. I dedicated myself to making what I believe to be the best and most unique pre-workout. After 9 rounds of sampling, the final version of INVICTA™ was approved this is when I knew this concept was on its journey to become a reality.

INVICTA™ is a Latin word meaning undefeated or unconquered.